Mobile App Development UK


Designing and developing an application to be run on mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and personal data assistants is termed as mobile app development. The use of smartphones and tablets is growing with enormous speed and the organizations and enterprises can not ignore the possibility of connecting with their employees and users by virtue of a mobile app. The commercial use of mobile phones has made it a necessity rather than a luxury. We at Trixo, have extensive experience of developing user-friendly, responsive, interactive and feature-studded mobile apps for our customers. We are expert in providing following app development services:

Hybrid App Development:

Trixo is well versed in developing hybrid apps by combining the features of web and native applications. A hybrid app can function properly even if the device is not in connection and it is also integrated with the file system of the respective device. The browser embedded in a hybrid app refines access to the relevant content on the internet. The hybrid app performs excellently on all the devices which are based on Android, BlackBerry, Windows and iOS.

Android App Development:

The majority of the smartphone users in the world use mobile phones which are based on Android operating system due to the interactive and easy to use features offered by Android. Android is a useful platform for the professionals to launch their new apps as it offers a flexible and open source development stage to introduce the new applications. However, the hardware proliferation puts forth some difficulties in designing the user interface. The seasoned professionals at Trixo use the latest techniques to cope with these challenges successfully at all stages of app development. We are expert in developing feature packed and transformative Android apps for all sorts of industries and businesses.

Windows App Development:

Microsoft offers a user-friendly, secure, fast and simple operating system for tablets, desktop computers and mobile phones. Windows users are more motivated and enthusiastic despite being less in number as compared to the Android or iOS users. Windows mobile app development provides incredible opportunities to the application developers. Trixo UK is one of the top contributors of the Windows App store due to its dynamic and attractive apps. We at Trixo strive to provide innovative, user oriented and interactive windows apps to our customers.

iOS App Development:

iPhone and iPod are the most sophisticated and powerful mobile devices which enjoy a huge popularity worldwide. They are loved by the people due to their latest and innovative technology which has revolutionised the business and market approach. Trixo offers quality app development services in gaming, business, flintech and other related areas for iOS. Our iOS app developers are expert in designing and developing the apps to enhance your brand loyalty and awareness, refine your customer approach, get user information and to increase your social accessibility. Trixo, being one of the top app development companies in the UK, is specialist in developing the attractive, dynamic and high quality apps for iPod, iPhone and the Apple watch. We deliver extremely responsive mobile apps for an extensive range of businesses and organizations.

Web Application Development:

Creating an application program to reside on the Internet and to be accessible by a remote user’s device is termed as web application development. Unlike conventional apps, it can be directly accessed by a network without downloading. Web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari provide access to the web app to an end user. We at Trixo, offer expert web application development services in the United Kingdom. We deliver web apps with high levels of usability, accessibility and performance to our customers.

Wearable App Development:

Latest technological developments have made revolutionary changes in the sphere of mobile devices. Wearable devices like smartwatch, smart glasses and fitness wearable tech are easing our routine business activities. Android, Windows and Apple are competing each other to invent the devices which are more compact, handy, sophisticated and user-friendly. We offer wonderful app development services for all sorts of wearable devices. Trixo develops user centric and customised wearable technology apps combined with a top-class functionality. The consistency and agility in our wearable app development technology gives a significant boost to our client’s business.

Enterprise Mobile App Development:

Enterprise mobile app development is an excellent and innovative way to enhance the security, mobility and productivity of a business entity. We provide effective business solutions in accordance with your demands and requirements. Trixo helps the enterprises to adopt competitive mobile strategies by helping them to build an enterprise mobile application development process. We have expertise in providing the enterprise mobile app development for an extensive range of businesses that include but are not limited to the finance, livestock, education, banking, agriculture and various other start ups. Our business solutions strive to improve the app development processes and to minimise the backend hassle.

Ionic App development:

Apps developed with the ionic technology can be deployed both in the Apple App store and the Google Play Store. Ionic mobile apps use open source mobile framework for the native apps development. Now more people and organizations are going for the ionic apps because the conventional app development is quite expensive. Ionic mobile applications are highly attractive and captivating apps which stimulate both backend and frontend processes. Ionic mobile apps have an interactive design and they function properly on all sorts of mobile devices. Trixo is expert in designing the native apps on the ionic framework to cater to your cross platform requirements. We are the market leaders in the UK for our beautifully designed and engaging ionic mobile apps.

Why to choose Trixo UK services?

Trixo is the leading mobile app development company based in the UK. When looking for a reliable mobile app development company, you should go for Trixo because of following features offered by

  • Transparency: We keep in touch with the client at all stages of app development process and we take him into confidence about our app development strategies.
  • Trials: The developed app has to go through various trials and tests for its working before being released. This ensures maximum efficiency and productivity.
  • Proven Methodology: Trixo uses a time tested and reliable method for developing the mobile apps to deliver the quality apps development services.
  • Flexibility: We are highly flexible in tailoring our services to match your business requirements whether it is a small start up or a huge enterprise.
  • Experienced team of developers: Be rest assured that your app is going to be designed by a team of expert developers rather than a single freelancer. The team helps to create a flawless and highly productive app with great accuracy.
  • Competitive Prices: We offer app development services in reasonable prices so you do not have to worry about the expenses

In order to discover more about the mobile app development services of Trixo, do not hesitate to be
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