PBNs and Social Accounts Manager


What is a PBN:

Private Blog Network or PBN is the most efficient way to rank your website on the top of Search Engine Results Pages. PBN develops the juice for back links to ensure that your website ranks well on the search engines. PBN is the network of the authentic websites created to build connectivity with the money websites owned by you. Blog posts is an excellent structured method to link the demands of digital marketing. All the Private Blog Network websites are linked with the main money website whose ranking needs to be improved.

However, the PBN sites are not mutually linked to each other so that they appear as they are unrelated to each other. Private Blog Networks are generally created out of the expired domains. The domains expire because their owners no more own them and let their registrations to expire. These domains can be purchased by anyone at low prices and can give them the ownership by re-registering them.

Why PBNs are important:

Regardless of the few claims that the PBNs are no more effective, they are still an excellent method to increase the rankings of your website. Matt Cutts said in reply to a question about the relevancy of the backlinks:
“It turns out that backlinks, even though there’s some noise and certainly a lot of spam, for the most part are still a really really big win in terms of quality of search results.”
Generating Private Blog Networks is still a very important ranking factor because of the following reasons:

⦁ Improvement in the search engine rankings of your website
⦁ The website becomes more prominent and competitive in its business category
⦁ Improvement in the quality of organic traffic to the website
⦁ Outranking the counterparts who use the similar keywords
⦁ Increase in the speed of SEO process
⦁ Improved rankings of your website for a long time
⦁ Website can earn more by switching to Public Blog Network from Private Blog Network
⦁ Enhanced visibility of your money website
⦁ PBNs helps to build useful SEO strategies
⦁ Efficient and immediate results[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

PBNs by Trixo:

Trixo is a reliable and professional Private Blog Networks generating and managing company in the UK. We offer effective link building for your websites to the powerful domains by using the attractive and high quality content to ensure efficient SEO results. We use authentic backlinks to dominate the most competitive SEO category for the websites of our customers. Here is the description of the PBN building process at Trixo:

Communication with the client:

We communicate with the client to know about his business category and website niche. We will try to know each and everything about the services or products offered by the client to chalk out an effective PBN building strategy.

Search for the Expired Domains:

The experts at Trixo will then look for the expired domains which match the niche of your website and which are in accordance with our metrics. Finding the high quality expired domains by scraping, spam checking and then double checking a lot of domains is a complicated task which requires a lot of patience, skills and experience. We are well versed in dealing all such complexities.

Setting up the websites:

After searching the domains, we start setting up of the websites at various well reputed web hosting companies. We create the websites with attractive look and interactive user interface. We have an extensive experience of dealing with WordPress installation, search for multiple hosting and various plugins.


Creation of Unique and Engaging Content:

Content on the Private Blog Network websites must be unique, original and captivating. The team of professional writers at Trixo creates high quality unique content which is strictly relevant to the subject matter of the domain. Our writers have expertise in writing engaging articles on any niche or topic.

Links Building:

We create high quality backlinks from these newly generated websites to your original money website. We provide excellent link juice for your website by our expert link building services.

Report Presentation:

After the completion of link building process, we present a complete report about the URLs and the domain metrics in order for enable you to verify the given links. We share all the information about the PBN building process with you and take your consent to carry out the further steps.

Web Hosting and Management:

After the successful setting up of the sites and link building, we offer the web hosting and maintenance of the websites as long as the client desires. We also write regular articles to be posted on your website.

What you will get:

By entrusting us with your PBN building work, you will get the following benefits:
⦁ Clean and Premium Domains: We are Trixo, check for any spams in the domains and ensure that you are provided authentic, premium and clean domains.
⦁ Powerful Metrics: We have highly powerful metrics such as PA28+, DA13+, TF13+ and CF15+.
⦁ Customised Solution for You: We at Trixo search, register, build, host and manage all the websites according to your preferences. We offer the content which is best suited for your niche.
⦁ Attractive Web Design: We provide you the website with well designed logos, premium plugins and themes and well placed banners.
⦁ Unique Content: Trixo writes the content on the basis of long tail keywords to ensure that your content matches the search queries. The content written by Trixo’s writers is original, unique and highly relevant to your niche.
⦁ Real Layout for your website: We structure the websites with tags, pages, posts and categories. We offer diverse plugins and themes for your website.
⦁ Secure PBNs: We hand over the PBNs to you after carrying out various security assessments. Our PBNs are generated from scratch to ensure their safety.
⦁ Website ownership: You completely own your website in case of working with Trixo.
⦁ Stock Images: We uses banners, ads and stock images to make your website look more elegant.

Social Media Management:

With the increasing usage of social networking sites, social media has become an important platform for digital marketing. In fact, social media marketing is the vital part of every digital marketing campaign. Effective social media advertising can drive a lot of relevant traffic to your website.
Trixo has a professional team of social media managers at it disposal to create and manage the social media posts for our customers. Our social media campaign will help you in the following areas:

Brand Awareness: We will increase your followers on social media by our engaging posts. Increased followers means more awareness about your brand in your target audience. Our social media managers will make it sure that you get the followers who match the interests, demographics and behaviours of your target audience.
Improved Engagement with Audience: The strong engagement with your followers builds a trustworthy relationship with them which in turn boosts your sales. We give a significant boost to the likes, comments and shares on your posts by our effective social media marketing strategy.
Enhanced Website Visibility: We will enhance the exposure and visibility of your website by our social media advertising campaigns. This will ultimately improve the quantity and quality of relevant traffic to your website. We at Trixo increase your conversion rate by adding on the retargeting ads so that your brand stays in front of your recent website visitors.

The social media platforms used by our social managers include but are not limited to the:

Facebook: With its 2.38 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the largest social networking site. We use this leading social platform to increase your brand awareness and brand recognition.
Twitter: Twitter has more than 330 million users and it is used by the people of all ages. We help you to engage your customers by our captivating Twitter posts.
Instagram: A picture is worth the thousand words. Almost 60% of the internet users discover new products through Instagram so we make sure that your products and services are present there on Instagram.
LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the most effective social media site for commercial purposes. We help you to approach the mature and sophisticated audience by our Linked In posts.
Pinterest: Pinterest is the best platform for selling goods and services. We reach out to your target audience from among 400 million users by our engaging posts.