Search Engine Optimization

seo service by trixo ukImprovement in the quality and quantity of the organic and natural traffic to a website by increasing the visibility of a web page on Google is termed as Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps a website to rank well in Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs). Digital marketing nowadays is futile without proper search engine optimization as it is said by someone:

No website can stand without a strong backbone. And that backbone is SEO.”

As compared to 1.7% conversion rate provided by conventional methods, SEO boosts the conversion rate to 14.6%.The next thing you should be looking for, after deciding your website name is a reliable and professional SEO company. We at Trixo UK provide the best SEO services in UK. Here is the detailed description of the services and working strategies of us:

Business and Website Evaluation:

Before starting our SEO venture, we take a detailed look at the business and industry of our clients. We also get knowledge about the services or products offered by the businesses to find their target audience. Knowing your products and target audience helps Trixo to chalk out its SEO plans to give a boost to your online marketing. We also look into the problems faced by the website and chalk out the hurdles in achieving desired marketing objectives. Trixo will consult the clients regarding their previous or current strategies, if any and will know about their ambitions for future marketing.

Website Structure Analysis:

Websites should be designed to be read properly by the search engines, although Google’s stress is upon designingthe website according to users’ needs. Website structural analysis at Trixo includes but it’s not limited to following steps:

  • Analytical Set up:

We track the pathways and sources of leads and sales coming to your website. If there is already a tracking mechanism, we strive to improve its output and if there is none, we install the analytics tracking to track the customers. This helps you to know your customers and eventually to adjust your services according to customers’ needs.

  • Website Security:

Generally, it is considered that only those websites need to be secure which support online payments but it is not true. Website security matters in its ranking in SERPs as Google gives top priority to secure websites.To ensure website security is the primary function of Trixo.

  • Site Errors:

We look for and eliminate the site errors like duplicate titles or content, missing titles and 4XX errors. These errors undermine the credibility of your website before the search engines thus lowering its ranking in SERPs.

  • Page Speed:

Users want immediate results, any delay in loading a page compels them to move ahead to the next website. So, page speed is an important factor in driving the traffic to your website. We at Trixo work to improve the page loading speed along with many other things.

  • Meta Factors:

Meta descriptions and duplicate tags can drastically lower your website ranking in SERPs. We eliminate and optimise the meta elements to give you better ranking and higher click through rates.

  • Indexed Pages:

Trixo creates then index your website pages to Google as they are valued by Spiders and other search crawlers. Indexed pages drive more organic traffic to your website by ranking higher in the search results.

  • XML Sitemap:

XML sitemap guides the Google in indexing pages by showing it a list of pages which you want to be indexed. This works opposite to the robots.txt which prevents the crawlers from indexing those pages which you want to hide from public.

  • Analysing InternalLinks:

To improve the user experience on your website, we analyse the links and contact forms given on your website, to check which one works in the best favour of your company.

After analysing all the technical factors and making suitablechanges, we then move forward to:

Analysing Content:

Content is the thing which makes visitors to stay at your website and ultimately generates the sales.At Trixo, we have a special SEO team for going through your website content and detecting the deficiencies, if any. Generally, analysis is undertook to find the issues in:

  • Targeting proper keywords
  • Originality ofcontent
  • Content ranking
  • Availability of voice search
  • Contact details

A thorough keywords’ analysis is also performed to find out the suitable ways and means to rank your website high in SERPs. After checking the content in depth, we are able to plan our strategies to improve your website content.

External Backlinks:

As per the Penguin 4.0 update, Google ignores link spam and simply lowers the ranking of the website having link spam.Trixo pays due heed to check the backlink portfolio of clients in order to detect and eliminate any link spam.

Optimising Content:

The content on the website needs to continually optimised, keeping in view the user intent. New content should also be added where there is some deficiency of quality content. Here is what we do in order to improve the content quality:

  • Eliminate and replace the duplicate content with the unique one
  • Create new landing pages as per the user intent
  • Add well researched, keyword oriented content to the less visited pages
  • Ensure the presence of keywords in titles and headings
  • Format and edit text
  • Change colours and add images to appease the visitors

Furthermore, the impact of content length in digital marketing is undeniable. Sometimes, a small piece of writing can do the job while at times it needs a detailed description of your services to make them sellable. We after going through your products and services, decide the suitable content length for describing your services to have a lasting impact on the readers.

Optimisation of Site and Code Structure:

We structure your website in order to assist the visitors in getting their desired content. We create the on-site internal links to ensure the smooth page-to-page flow,which helps visitors to get what they want actually.We also provide clean coding to make your website run faster.

Evaluating and Optimising Off-Page elements:

Analysis and improvement of the on site factors is not enough to make your business successful, you need to pay due heed to off-site factors also. Industry blogs, review sites, online directories and many other elements decide the fate of your SEO strategy as more than 95% of the customers read the reviews about a company before making a purchase. Most of these customers trust these reviews and act upon the recommendations of your earlier clients. So, getting good reputation among your clients must be a priority for you. After going through all the reviews, we provide a detailed account of what people think about you. If there are positive reviews, we suggest how to make best use of them. And if there are some negative remarks about your services, we help you to detect your fault lines and make appropriate amendments to satisfy your customers. Some further steps we take to increase your credibility are:

  • Verify and update online directory listings for your business
  • Create new and accurate directory listings for your website
  • Arrange regular press releases about your new services and products

Competitors’ Evaluation:

We at Trixo, research into the strategies adopted by your competitors to check which techniques applied by them are working and which are not. We use various detective tools to check the customer behavior on their sites. We will delve into the methodologies of the high ranking websites in your respective industry to check which factors have enabled them to rank higher than the others despite having same keyword targeting.

Conversion Rate:

To maximize your conversion rate, we thoroughly analyse the searchers’ desires and pain points and then apply the appropriate tweaks to convert them into enquirers. Conversion rate analysis also enables us to use right techniques for compelling the visitors to buy your products or services.

Ongoing Analysis:

All the aforementioned analyses are continued as long as we are in contract with our clients. SEO is futile without ongoing analysis of data in order to adjust it according to changing user intent. Trixo keeps on checking and improving the websites from time to time by performing following actions:

  • After applying the above mentioned techniques, we analyse them for their working and if some trick is not working properly, we change its methodology.
  • We use Google Tag Manager to improve website’s capabilities to convert visitors into buyers
  • We grab, filter and convert customers at various stages in buying cycle
  • We detect the changes in visitors’ behaviour and devise our plans accordingly
  • We ensure regular monitoring of website traffic and rankings

CPC Campaign:

Cost per click is an effective digital marketing technique to drive traffic to the websites. About 65% of the searchers will go through the Google Ads while seeking an online purchase. Cost per click or Pay per click (PPC) is an efficient method to judge the impact and feasibility of online marketing. PPC helps to know how much traffic a keyword can produce and which keywords generate the sale oriented traffic. PPC is a valuable campaign as PPC visitors are 50% more likely to become buyers than the ordinary visitors.

We provide expert PPC campaign building services. We thoroughly research and then select appropriate keywords, then convert these keywords into well organised ads and campaigns to set up a landing page, which is optimised for high conversion rates. We also lower your PPC fee with Google by generating strictly relevant and targeted campaigns, as Google charges less for well organised campaigns.

Schema Markup:

Implementation of schema markup or structured data is an important SEO strategy and we are well versed and experienced in it. We offer service schema, review schema, product schema, breadcrumb schema or any other schema which is applicable. These schema markups have an impact on Google’s knowledge graph results. They allow the Google to analyse how your website is closely related to the search conducted by the people.

Public Rating and Social Media Marketing:

Online Marketing, assisted by rightly guided and targeted Public rating techniques is vital for the success of businesses these days. These techniques have a direct impact on SEO and they move your web page higher in the search engine results pages(SERPs). Running effective social campaigns for promotion of your business is also crucial to be recognised and approached by the targeted audience. This is the era of social media and with every individual having a social media presence, people are greatly influenced by the social media advertising.This makes the social media marketing an attraction for both buyers and sellers. Social media marketing can be more effective than the ordinary marketing by the use of social media influencers and personalities as customer engagement tools.

We at Trixo, guide you for the result oriented and relevant social media campaigns to improve your search engine optimisation. We will create your brand awareness on social media and will drive highly relevant traffic to your website by effective social media engagements.

Why to Choose Us:

Due to the use of aforementioned techniques and strategies, the Search Engine Optimization services provided by Trixo possess following remarkable and unique features:

Mobile Friendly:

More than half of the world wide conducted searches on Google are by using a mobile phone. We are expert in optimising your website for smartphone searches and making it more Mobile friendly. Having mobile friendly features in your website will give a significant boost to your rankings as well as to click-through rates.

Voice Search:

Voice search is becoming more and more popular with the lapse of time, as search engines saw a 3400% increase in voice searches from 2008 to2017. Trixo makes your website compatible to the voice searches, to not to miss any opportunity of reaching out to the visitors.

International Approach:

We at Trixo, customise your website to gain International exposure and recognition. We are well versed in the use of hreflang, ccTLDs and other International SEO factors to help your business to have a global approach.

Locally Oriented SEO:

More than 30% of the recent mobile searches are area based. If you are looking to target the searchers in your vicinity or any other specific region, we tailor our SEO services to mention your location on the Google as well as the maps. This will help you to rank higher in the searches conducted by the people around you.

Entertaining E-commerce:

Optimising eCommerce websites is an arduous and challenging task as unique labels and individual optimisation is needed for thousands of pages. Trixo has a team of e-commerce experts specially hired to optimise the e-commerce websites, to help its clients popularise their businesses.


Trixo is highly flexible in adjusting its services as per the customer’s needs and desires. As every business has separate marketing requirements, we devise our SEO strategies while keeping in view the individual behavior of each business enterprise. We entertain very small local businesses as well as the Internationally recognised enterprises. We offer SEO services for both short terms and long terms.


We always remain in touch with our clients and brief them about our SEO strategies and their outcomes. We share the results of traffic and sales monitoring with our customers on regular basis.

Video Marketing:

Video is used as a key information source by people before making an online purchase. A relevant and high quality video can drive more motivated customers to your website, hence significantly increasing the conversion rate. Trixo is specialised in providing valuable and persuading video marketing services. We utilise all ingredients of effective video marketing to make it a success.

In order to know more about the services and search engine optimization strategies adopted by Trixo, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always looking forward to help you in getting your queries answered.