SEO Copywriting

In the process of digital marketing, the content is king. Content gives recognition to your brand and helps you to be unique and persuasive. A well written and optimised content is the key to bring the visitors in and then compel them to become buyers. SEO copywriting makes you more searchable, relevant, trustworthy and reliable for the online visitors. Nowadays SEO writing is much more than mere keyword stuffing, due weightage should be given to the user intent while writing a content copy.

We at Trixo, help you to stay prominent among your competitors by our expert SEO copywriting services. We provide high quality, well written, professional and engaging content for all sorts of businesses and industries. We are proud to offer following copywriting services:

Web Content:

The words associated with the web pages of a website are termed as website or onsite content. This content is the base of every Search Engine Optimisation strategy. A focused, optimised and relevant web content is the key to achieve high rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs).

The experienced business writers at Trixo, offer captivating content based on the user intent and the highly searched key phrases. We have helped a number of small, medium and large business enterprises in boosting the organic traffic to their websites by adding relevant, professional and optimised content to their web pages.

Articles and Guest Posts:

Guest Blogging is an important technique to expose a brand to a target audience by publishing a guest post on a third party website. It is highly recommended to write quality content for the popular websites related to your industry to improve your brand awareness, website authority and website credibility.

We are well versed in writing unique and persuasive blog posts and articles which entice the readers to find out more about the topic by visiting your website. These articles improve the visibility of your website and drive more organic traffic to your website.

Blog Content:

Another useful way to get more traffic is a blog content. It provides searchable and informative content about your services and products. Blog content shows the relevancy of your website to the search engines which then rank it higher in Search Engine Results Page(SERP). Trixo offers regular blog posts for your website to keep your customers updated and engaged.

Social Media Content:

With the growing usage of social networking websites, social media has become an effective medium for promoting a business. Social media marketing is now indispensable for the success of a digital marketing campaign. Just like the websites, you need well written and engaging content for social media marketing. Trixo provides unique and relevant topics for your social media posts. We also write professional and strategic content to be displayed on your social media pages.

SEO Copywriting Strategy

It is important for you to know about the copywriting strategies adopted by Trixo to provide quality content to its customers.

Business Evaluation:

We undertake a thorough study of the business before writing for its website. We enquire about the products and services offered by the business enterprise. We try to find out the uniqueness and novelty in your services which will help you to stand out from your competitors.

Audience Research:

We are eager to know about the audience, our clients want to engage with. After knowing the target audience, we create the content which will be readable and understandable for that specific audience.  This results in focused and to the point content writing which will help you to approach your target audience effectively.

Competitor Analysis:

We carry out a thorough research about your competitors in your respective industry. We find the services and products which you offer exclusively in your industry. Trixo looks into the content strategy adopted by the competitors to achieve their marketing goals. This research enlightens us about the good and bad aspects of their content marketing campaign. We then adopt their positives and overcome the shortcomings to chalk out a flawless and unique content strategy which will help you to outrank your competitors.

Keywords Research:

Knowing the keywords or key phrases which the online searchers use to search about a particular industry or business is very important to write search engine optimised content. We at Trixo, conduct a thorough research about the keywords before writing a web copy. This research enables us to write keyword based and optimised content for our clients.

User Intent:

Modern day content strategies have gone beyond writing a copy studded with the keywords. Finding the expectations and requirements of the visitors when they type a keyword in the search engine is indispensable to write user oriented content. Trixo uses the latest tools and techniques to find out the user intent. Then we write the engaging content keeping in view the user intent. This content makes the visitors to stay on your website and then converts them into buyers.

What’s special about Trixo?

There is a plenty of SEO copywriters in the UK but Trixo stands prominent due to the following features of its Copywriting services:

  • Authenticity: Trixo provides authentic and reliable content which can be trusted by the visitors. We do not include the data which is invalid or is from a doubtful resource.
  • Relevance and Conciseness: Content provided by Trixo is always strictly relevant to the given product or service. We also write a concise copy excluding the irrelevant details.
  • Unique Content: Unoriginal or copied content may result in penalization of your website by Google, in addition to getting low ranking in search engine results pages(SERPs). We make it sure that our content is unique and it does not resemble with any other content on the internet.
  • Optimised: Research about the user intent and keywords results in creation of highly optimised content which ranks higher in the SERPs.
  • Expert Writers: Trixo has an expert team of professional content writers who can write researched and authentic content on all topics.
  • SEO team: Apart from the writers, the SEO experts at Trixo develop the content strategies to improve the search engine optimization.