Website Design

Promoting your business online is the key to success these days. If you have no online presence for your business entity, you are not doing any business at all. A website is the most powerful digital marketing tool for creating familiarity and brand awareness for your business. Your website creates the first impression on your online customers and as it is said, “First impression is the last impression.” The following statistics testify the truthfulness of this quotation in terms of online business as well:

  • About 93% of online ventures start with a search engine
  • 63% of online customers use the website of a company as the primary engaging tool
  • 75% people judge the reliability and credibility of an enterprise by its website design

For your business to be visible on Internet, or more precisely on Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you need to have an effective and attractive website design. The benefits of an effectively designed website include but are not limited to:

  • It helps your business to have an active online presence
  • Targeted marketing can be achieved by an effective website design
  • Sales can be generated beyond the limits of time and area
  • Interaction with your clients is made simple and convenient
  • Customers’ interest in your services and products is increased significantly
  • Enhanced conversion rate
  • You can train, educate, entertain and inform your clients effectively
  • Increased brand recognition and brand loyalty on the part of your clients
  • It helps you to differentiate your products from that of your competitors
  • It helps to retain the existing customers and bring in the new ones

Trixo is a reliable, experienced and expert website design company based in UK. We design and develop the websites, specifically according to your demands and desires. Following is the detailed overview of the web design services provided by Trixo:

Business Analysis:

We thoroughly analyse and evaluate the business of our clients before designing their website. This evaluation helps us to understand the services and products offered by a business. It also assists in knowing the targeted audience and hence evaluating user intent becomes easy. Hence, adjusting your website design according to the user intent is made convenient. We at Trixo, also pay due heed to future marketing goals of our clients.

Competitor Evaluation:

We do not hesitate to delve into the strategies adopted by your competitors to make their website design attractive and appeasing for the customers. Competitors’ analysis guides us to adopt the designing techniques which are more popular in your respective industry and have made your counterparts rank higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) despite having same keyword targeting.

WordPress Website Design:

WordPress is not only the best content management system(CMS) but also the most popular blogging platform. The content management system allows convenient addition or removal of content from your website even by a person with little or no technical know-how. Trixo is specialised in designing customised and sales oriented WordPress websites for its clients which help them to outclass their competitors. Trixo will help you to create customised themes for your website and to enhance the functionality of several plugins. WordPress improves the quality and quantity of organic and natural traffic to your website, thus significantly increasing leads and sales.

E-commerce Website Design:

Designing an e-commerce website is a complicated and challenging task as it needs unique labelling for thousands of web pages. Trixo has a team of professionals, who are expert and well versed in designing e-commerce websites, to meet the demands of e-commerce websites by its clients.

We at Trixo have following unique features in designing e-commerce websites:

  • Trixo designs bespoke e-commerce solutions on a powerful content management system
  • We focus on making the website more user friendly
  • Our e-commerce designs are made to create brand awareness and brand loyalty
  • Digital Marketers at Trixo, devise a marketing strategy to popularize your business
  • Trixo helps to increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce website

Local Website Design:

According to a recent survey, most of the online searches are locality based. So, If you are running a business enterprise which targets a local audience, we can tailor our services to design a locally oriented website to meet your requirements. We will mention your location on the search engines along with the maps. This will drive more local traffic to your website.

International website design:

If you are a business enterprise with global approach and want to target an international audience, Trixo will help your brand to get global recognition. We will design and optimise your website to rank higher in the world wide Google searches.

Trixo is one of the best web design companies in UK due to following outstanding and unique services it offers:

Layout and User Experience:

The platform on which a website is designed is termed as user experience or UX in short. The website designing experts at Trixo strive to make a website having an attractive look and which ensures smooth traveling of visitors. Trixo designs websites which are highly responsive and can easily be used by you and your customers.

High Visibility:

Websites designed by Trixo are optimised to rank high in the search engine results pages(SERPs). This gives a significant boost to your website traffic as 90% of  online experiences start with a search engine.

Mobile Friendly:

Trixo is expert in making the websites more mobile friendly. As more than half of the world wide searches are conducted using mobile phones, so having mobile compatible features in your website improves the quantity of organic traffic to your website.

Web Speed:

As everyone is short of time, online visitors want your website to open immediately when they click on it. If it does not respond in three seconds, they are most likely to move to next web page. We at Trixo design your website to respond as soon as it is clicked.

Website Security:

Data breaches and hacking are the hot discussion topics nowadays. Your website needs to be secure to win the confidence of your clients. We design safe and secure websites to protect the data of your clients from hackers. Secure website are preferred by Google too.


Website is a sale representative working 24/7 to improve your sales. If the content on your website is not targeting the right audience or delivering the right message, you will not get any business. Trixo provides well written, researched, highly relevant and captivating content for your website to impress the visitors and convert them into buyers.

So, if you are looking for a reliable, professional and expert web design company, Trixo must be your first preference. In order to know more about our website designing services, do not hesitate to contact us.